Drone exclusive Twiggy’s first press shoot

Twiggy's first press shoot 1965 - 01

I enjoyed Terry Manner’s piece on the Express discovery of Twiggy in 1966. Wonderful days for all of us old guys. I can bring the story forward by a year, to 1965.

Then on the night picture desk of the Daily Herald in Endell Street, London, I took a late night call from Justin Villeneuve. New model Lesley Hornby was being unveiled for the press in Carnaby Street the following morning early. Was I interested?

Too late to re-assign a precious staffer off a ‘proper’ story, I decided to go myself straight from the night shift. Just me and Stanley Meagher from the Express turned up. Nobody had heard of her then. She was a great sport. Here are the pics. Non got used!

Twiggy's first press shoot in 1965 -02

Model Twiggy (Lesley Hornby) in her first press shoot 1965 in Carnaby Street, London

Twiggy scan 01R

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