Complaint upheld against the Two Mikes


LEWD AWAKENING: Parry, left and Graham

A complaint about a conversation between Mike Graham and Mike Parry on the talkSPORT radio station has been upheld by Ofcom.

The presenters, who are usually on-air from 1am to 5am, were covering the afternoon 1pm till 4pm show on December 29th 2016 when the conversation turned to their careers as journalists on the Daily Express.

They were talking about a former colleague’s alleged lewd behaviour towards female colleagues. A listener to the station considered the comments highly offensive, particularly because the presenters recounted the anecdotes in a light-hearted way.

This is what Parry and Graham said:

Screenshot 2017-04-08 13.32.03

TalkSPORT accepted that the presenters’ comments were not appropriate. It explained that the unscripted conversation between the presenters “touched upon reminiscences of more than 20 years ago when social mores were very different from today”. It added that their programme was usually broadcast between 01:00 to 05:00 which was “a very different kind of programme given its timeslot and expected audience anticipation” than the afternoon programme it replaced.

The station said the comments “could be misinterpreted as being insensitive” and expressed regret that they were broadcast.

As a result of the complaint, talkSPORT added that its Programme Director had reminded the presenters and the production staff of the need to ensure compliance with Sections One and Two of the Code. In mitigation, it explained that “the presenters’ laughter was perceived by the complainant to be making light of sexual harassment – when, in fact, it was expressing incredulity at the woeful lack of sensitivity of a bygone era when unacceptable workplace practices were, unfortunately, far too commonplace”.

A correspondent describing himself as ‘A Wellwisher’ writes: 

Dear Lord Drone

You don't know me but I suspect that Messrs Parry and Graham have, ahem, got it wrong. 

If the culprit is who I think it is (and I don't know who it is, you understand) the lady in question was not a nurse at the Express but an entrant for the newspaper's Nurse of the Year competition. 

In addition, it is said there are grainy snaps illustrating the alleged liaison (not that I have seen them, of course)

May I wish you good fortune(!) in your quest. 

*Who could they have been talking about? The Drone’s team of investigative reporters is probing this mystery but if you have any idea who the culprit is contact us at and we will publish and be damned. Probably.

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