A rose by any other name

SILVER THREADS: Ken Bruce with Peter's partner Jacquie in the memorial garden


The last time Radio 2's Ken Bruce took his shoes off in public was a few years back in a Turkish mosque during a family holiday. 

But he padded around happily in stockinged feet for a photo call after unveiling a Macmillan Legacy Garden to former William Hickey column editor Peter Tory and his friend Richard Murphy, who had battled cancer at the same time and was in the same hospital ward. 

The garden was designed by Rebecca Govier, whose mother Jacquie, an artist, was Peter's partner. 

It was also a poignant assignment for Bruce because his brother Alasdair died of prostate cancer five years ago. 

The garden, which won a silver medal at the RHS Flower Show at Hampton Court, included a marble floor, and everyone entering the garden was asked to take their shoes off as Rebecca had spent some time scrubbing it clean before the event. Ken said: 'If it was good enough for Sandie Shaw in 1967, it's good enough for me.'

Ken, who often lunched with Peter back in the columnist's Fleet Street days, added: 'I am delighted to be here to offer my support to this beautiful garden - a stunning and subtle tribute to the work of Macmillan supporting people like my friend Peter Tory throughout their difficult cancer journey.' 

On a personal note I would like to give a great vote of thanks to Ken Bruce who turned down a fee and did such a great job for his and my old mate Peter Tory. Ken, you are a radio star that video has not killed!

Ken with Rebecca

AWARD WINNER: Ken with Rebecca in the garden she designed


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