A peep at a composing room wrangle

By BOB CUMMINGS, former composing room overseer at the Daily Express in Manchester

This cutting is taken from the last-ever copy of the Daily Express produced in Manchester on May 20th, 1989. The Composing Room NGA Chapel produced a wrap-around cover [of the Daily Star] and the cartoon at the bottom refers to Brian Diggle, Composing Room Manager or some such title who could always be found across the road in the famous Land o’ Cakes pub. It is now a Brazilian eatery I believe. His lack of interest in the fate of his staff is the less than oblique reference made by Beau Peep. 

Brian once showed me a drawer full of application letters for the overseer position I managed to get; without exception they were the comps who were founder members of the awkward squad. At least two of them were responsible for throwing me off the snooker team because of my promotion, even though there were already a couple of overseers already on the team. Not that it still rankles 30 years later or anything…

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