Sunday Express moves offices in 1989

Once upon a time before the management made its ‘improvements’ the Sunday Express was a separate paper from the Daily. The subs desk was staffed on a Saturday by journalists mainly from the Daily Express and the Evening Standard.

PETER STEWARD was a production executive on the Sunday Express before moving in 1997 to a similar role on the Daily Telegraph before retiring in 2014. 

He found the following photographs chronicling the Sunday Express’s last days in Fleet Street in 1989 and first day in the new office, Ludgate House, on the south side of Blackfriars Bridge.

Now, only 28 years after its completion, Ludgate House is being demolished to make way for a massive redevelopment on the South Bank. See Towering changes 

SX1 Bunter & Hedley

LAST DAYS IN FLEET STREET: Ian Benfield (DX) is seen in the foreground next to Dave Sennington (Evening Standard) and Phil Durrant (SX). Seated in the white shirt is Peter Hedley (DX splash sub) and behind him is Ian Stocks and Wendy Sayers. This pic was taken on the Sunday Express floor

SX2 hatstand & co

EYES DOWN: On Saturday the Sunday Express staff took over the Daily Express desks on the second floor of the Fleet Street building. Pictured here are Dave Sennington with his back to the camera, then from left, Bill Owen, Bill Dickson, Davey McDonald (Evening Standard, we think), Tony Reid, Reg Cooper, Andy Hoban and Jim Humphrey (Evening Standard). The poster on the wall is of DX sub Bertie Brooks who had taken redundancy and escaped to Ibiza. He is pictured on a yacht and someone has glued a headline to it reading: 'The one that got away’. Bertie, who suffered from MS, died in Ibiza in 2005 where he was being cared for by nuns.

SX3 Durrant Parker & Stewpot

RARING TO GO: Phil Durrant, Ken Parker and Peter Steward prepare to descend to the Daily Express floor and roll out the last Sunday Express produced in Fleet Street

SX4 Last cut and paste

LATE FINAL: The last cut and paste page with copy input by printers is pasted up in Fleet Street

SX5 Bunter & Hyphen

FIRST SATURDAY IN BLACKFRIARS: Ian Benfield and Dave Sennington, a gaggle of Standard subs (Ian Stocks, Jim Humphrey and Keith Martin), Bill Owen and John Fox-Clinch. Despite the relaxed appearance the day was a busy one. It was April 15 1989, the day of the Hillsborough stadium disaster and an early proof with the headline CRUSHED can be seen in the foreground

SX6 Owen and Bunny

DOG WATCH: Bill Owen and David Laws are the only ones left after a hectic day in Ludgate House

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